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National Safety Month, Week 4: Driving

This month, the National Safety Council focuses providing information to decrease the causes of injury at home, at work, and on the road. Each week focuses on one main topic: Emergency Preparedness, Wellness, Falls, and Driving.

At Blue Hills we believe that prevention is a key component to your overall health.

This week's main topic is about driving. This week, the National Safety Council is focusing on driving. Many of us drive everyday, and while we may believe that we are safe drivers, 94% of motor vehicle crashes involve human error.

Avoid Dangerous Driving Behaviors:

When in the car, keep your focus on the road. Follow the guidelines below to help prevent injury:


Use Safety Feature Correctly:

Newer car models now have many safety features that can help protect the driver, passengers, and even pedestrians, but they must be used correctly. Be sure to look at your vehicle's manual to learn about your car's features and follow the guidelines below:


Please click the links below to learn more!

Tip sheet: English & Spanish

Drowsy Driving a Bigger Danger Than Federal Data Indicates, AAA Claims

No Cellphones While Driving



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