Appointments via phone/video call are available. Please call our office to set an appointment.



Frequently Asked Questions

Appointments & Scheduling

Our doors are open from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. We are closed from 12:00pm to 2:00pm for lunch.


Our latest appointment is 4:15pm.


We have a limited number of same day appointments available for each doctor. Be sure to call as soon as possible as these spots fill up quickly.


No, though we do offer same day appointments. These spots fill up quickly so its is best to call ahead.


No. All physicals need to be scheduled in advanced. Please call the office to schedule a physical.


Unfortunately, we are not open on Saturdays.


Your insurance card(s), driver's license, form of payment, list of medications. To help speed up the process, you may fill out these forms in advance and bring them to the office.


We ask you to arrive 15-minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. This allows ample time for check-in and the completion of any necessary paperwork. This is also a courtesy to the patients who have appointments following yours. We want everyone to get their fair share of time with the Doctor.


• MMR (Measles Mumps and Reubela) for 12 months of age and older,
• Vericella (Chicken Pox) 12 months and older,
• Tetanus: Dtap 2 months to 6 years,
• Tdap 7 years and older,
• Pneumonia: Prevnar13, Pneumovax23,
• Hepatitis: A, B for pedi and adults,
• IPV (Polio)

• Hib(Haemophilus b) for ages 2 months through 5 yrs,
• Garasil9 (HPV) 9 through 26 years,
• Menactra (Meningitis) 9 months through 55 years,
• Kinrix (Dap-IPV) 4-6 years,
• Pentacel (Dtap-hib-ipv) 6 weeksthrough 4 years,
• Shingrix ( Shingles) 50 years and older,


We do not have translators on site. For your comfort, it would be best to bring a relative or friend with you to your appointment. We do have staff members who speak the following languages to assist if the need arises: Dr. Kar speaks English and Hindi, Dr. Jalilie speaks English and Spanish, and Dr. Zitman English. Our staff speaks English, Spanish, Marathi and Hebrew.


Yes, all of the physicians are family practice providers.


Yes, we have have a certified radiologist in our office. She is in the office Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 12:30pm.


That depends on what labs your doctor ordered. Some results, like cholesterol and lipids come back fairly quickly - up to 72 hours. Others, like some chemistry tests and pathology reports can take up to two to three weeks. Still others, such as culture growths may need to get sent back for further testing based on the results of the initial test. X-Ray and ultrasound reports are typically returned within the same or next day. Our office will contact you to discuss your results.


Refills should be called in by your pharmacy and we ask that you give us 24-48 hours for routine prescriptions. Simply have your pharmacy fax us at (408) 996-3550. Please note that any new medications may require a patient visit and all controlled substances require a visit every three months. Routine prescription requests are not accepted after 5pm or on weekends. Please always be sure to call your pharmacy before your medication runs out.


Be sure to check with your insurance for out of pocket expenses such as deductibles. Schedule the appointment for imaging as soon as possible.


If you need a referral, please contact our office to see if you need to schedule an appointment with your physician prior to the referral being issued. Your insurance company may require that your Primary Care Physician has seen you prior to being sent to a Specialist.


The Patient Portal enables you to communicate with our doctors easily, safely and securely from the comfort of your home. The Health Portal is used to request non-urgent medical advice, request appointments, and obtain visit summaries, order medication, view lab results and access patient education.


The patient-physician relationship is extremely confidential. Any information exchanged is guided by HIPAA regulations and is held in the strictest of confidence. Confidential medical information will be released only with the express consent and authorization of the patient.


You can request records through a written request by either coming in, dropping off, mailing or faxing with a $25 fee.


There will be a fee of $25. The price may increase depending on the amount of records.


Depending oh how many records, up to 72 hours.


Yes, as long as we have a written statement from the patient stating it is ok.


Billing & Insurance

Your copay and deductible and any non contracted usual and customary fees. If you do not have insurance you are expected to pay in full at time of service.


We accept all PPO's. HMO's must have a medical group of SCCIPA (Santa Clara County IPA) with an assigned PCP of one our providers. EPO's with an assigned PCP of one of our providers. Medicare with a supplemental or Medicare with medical. We do not accept MediCal by itself.


We accept cash, check, all forms of credit cards with a Visa MasterCard logo, Amex, Discover, Apple Pay. Payments are expected at the time of service.


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