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Your health care needs change as you age. Children face different health issues than adults, and family medicine practitioners are trained to care for people of all ages. If you’re living in the Bay Area, you can find complete care for the whole family at Blue Hills Medical Group in Cupertino, California. Whether it’s you, your child, or your parent who needs care, our doctors can help. Call the office today.

What is family medicine?

It might seem like there’s a specialist for everything in the world of medicine. Making appointments with numerous different doctors for your family can be complicated and overwhelming. Family medicine makes care for the whole family simpler.

A family physician is trained to care for people of all ages. These specialists have at least three years of extra training to care for the whole family. 

From diagnosing and treating your child’s ear infection to offering preventive care for aging family members, the family physicians at Blue Hills Medical Group can do it all.

The physicians are generalists in health care. They diagnose and treat common acute and chronic conditions, advocate for you with other members of your health care team, and develop a personal relationship with you. 

If your care requires it, they refer you to specialists and help you find a match you’re comfortable with.

What are the benefits of going to a family physician?

Your family physician is your ally in health care. The team at Blue Hills Medical Group strives to establish a relationship with the whole family, offering top-quality care for all ages. Children, adolescents, adults, and seniors can trust their health to Blue Hills Medical Group.

When you have a relationship with your family physician, you can get an appointment for minor illnesses and injuries without the need to visit the emergency room. Some testing and procedures can be done in-office, including X-ray, echocardiogram (EKG), and skin biopsy. 

Having a relationship with your family physician at Blue Hills Medical Group can make taking care of your health easier. They know your medical history and family history, and they work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits your needs and your lifestyle. 

What can a family physician treat?

The physicians at Blue Hills Medical Group are equipped to diagnose and treat many common health conditions and offer a variety of services, including:

  • Physicals

  • Immunizations

  • Allergy and asthma care

  • Pap smears

  • Acute and chronic disease management

  • Dermatology

The team can perform a variety of minor dermatological procedures, including abscess drainage and skin tag and mole removal. They also offer preoperative exams and convenient travel consultations.

Family medicine at Blue Hills Medical Group means comprehensive care for children, seniors, and everyone in between. Book an appointment by phone or online today to learn more.


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