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Chronic Care Specialist

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Nearly 40% of Americans have multiple chronic health conditions. Chronic conditions can’t be cured and generally require ongoing care to minimize symptoms and help you live a healthy, active life. Managing chronic conditions can be challenging and time-consuming. That’s why B. Jalilie, MD, at Blue Hills Medical Group in Cupertino, California, offers chronic care for people with multiple health concerns. Find out if chronic care management is right for you by scheduling a consultation online or on the phone.

Chronic Care Q & A

What are chronic health conditions?

Chronic health conditions are long-term illnesses that are expected to last longer than a year. Acute conditions can be severe, but they’re generally short-lived and you recover within a few days or a few weeks. Chronic conditions can be lifelong and may require significant lifestyle changes to manage effectively. 

Some chronic health conditions are more common than others, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Heart disease
  • Osteoporosis

These conditions can have similar risk factors. That means if you have one, you may be more likely to have multiple chronic illnesses. 

The conflicting advice from different health care professionals, multiple medications, and more can make navigating multiple health conditions a challenge.

What is included in chronic care management?

At Blue Hills Medical Group, the physicians offer chronic care management to help adults with more than one chronic condition manage their health. The program includes:

  • Personalized treatment planning
  • Care coordination with other providers
  • Monthly appointments
  • Phone check-ins between appointments
  • Access to health care experts 24/7
  • Support in health care decision-making

The team helps you develop a comprehensive care plan to manage your health conditions. Each month, you’ll have at least 20 minutes with the doctors for chronic care management testing and services.

Having a chronic condition means you need ongoing care. Coordinating your appointments, prescription medications, and treatments with chronic care management helps make your life easier. 

Is chronic care management right for me?

The team at Blue Hills Medical Group understands that managing multiple chronic health conditions isn’t easy. When you partner with the Blue Hills Medical Group physicians, you’ll receive the support you need to successfully manage your conditions. 

The goal of chronic care management is to make your health care simpler for you. If you have Medicare and you’re overwhelmed by trying to keep track of your treatment plan on your own, chronic care management could be right for you.

It’s time to learn more about the benefits of chronic care management if you’re living with multiple chronic health conditions. Talk to the Blue Hills Medical Group team to schedule your first appointment or use the convenient online booking tool.